Urbanista came out of a vision to glorify the urban lifestyle and create products that makes life better for modern people in urban environments. Since the beginning in Stockholm 2010 we  design for life in motion. With a passion for color, form and mobility, our products are influenced by the Scandinavian design tradition where we have our roots.

We create the ultimate music accessories for Urbanistas on the move. But what really differs us from other audio brands is that we are a small group of passionate true Urbanistas that steer this global company now available in over 80 countries world wide. Many do not believe us when we say that we are solely 9 employees working at the Urbanista HQ in Stockholm. 

In recent years, big cities have solidified their importance on a global scale and people have become increasingly mobile. As a result, the urban way of life has become synonymous with men and women all over the world who live active lives, are always on the move, and appreciate all the best things the big city has to offer. As we explore urban tendencies and ideas, we see a shrinking world in which urban people have more in common, regardless of which city on the planet they call home. We have such a profound love of cities that we decided to name our products after metropols of the world.

Our products are designed in Sweden, produced in China.


We are a small group of passionate souls, living eating, breathing Urbanista. We strive to challenge the industry by doing things differently. We worship unconventional ideas, endless colors and big dreams. Our headquarter is placed in the heart of Stockholm, where we get inspiration from the latest trends and fashion passing by. Every team mate adds a unique twist of creativity and charm to the core of Urbanista.

Welcome to our world!


Meet The Team

Anders Andréen



Anders has a history of being CEO for Neumeister Design agency where he refurbished brands in the Nordics.


Prior to that he worked for many years at OSM Group in both Stockholm and Singapore, supplying accessories for the major phone manufacturers. The career started at Flextronics, as Supply chain manager for the SonyEricsson phone production.


When not at the office he’s travelling and introducing Urbanista to new cities or waterslides together with his family.

Daniel Roos



Daniel is one of the founders of Urbanista and is in charge of the creative work.


He has a history with several startups and advertising agencies.


When he´s not at the office he’s probably enjoying a good meal in the archipelago or sweating at the Dojo.

Nino Titoric


Sales Director

Nino joined Urbanista in 2013 when he and Mahmoud left their company Innovazione of Sweden® in favor for Urbanista.


He’s in charge of Global markets. Business Development and Key Account Management.Managing the process of value chain, such as Operations Management and Supply Chain Management.


When he’s not in the office he’s probably out running or drinking beer with the boys

Mahmoud Chahine


Key Account Manager

Mahmoud became an Urbanista in 2013. Mahmoud, just like Nino left their company Innovazione of Sweden® to join the Urbanista community! He’s responsible of Middle East, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Malta and Poland – with more to come.


He’s our Swedish Lebaneese with the best mimicking accent skills one have ever seen!


When he’s not at the office he probably eats a chocolate brownie (when no one’s watching), socialising or working out at the gym

Martin Wennberg


Product Manager

Martin joined Urbanista in April, 2015 and since then he’s adding value as our no 1 product manager.


Responsible for road map, product development, sourcing and product management. Before joining the Urbanista community he worked as a Product Manager and Buyer at Teknikmagasinet, a Swedish retail company.


When he’s not at the office he’s probably at some Bruce Springsteen concert, watching football or drinking beer.

Nadine Schultz


Marketing Manager

Nadine’s first encounter with Urbanista was the Summer of 2015 when planning an Urbanista event. Just like Per she started as a consultant and slowly but surely became a full-timer Urbanista in April 2016.


Responsible for Marketing where she organizes and distributes the work. In charge of the marketing budget, organizing events, photo shoots and fairs.

When she’s not at the office she’s probably playing beach volleyball or chase after her two kids.

Per Torell



Per started as a consultant summer of 2015 and was slowley but surely lured in to the Urbanista community until he started as a full-timer only months later.


Per’s as much appreciated for his total honesty and lack of refinement, as his incredible creative mind. Ask for something and you’ll receive it only seconds later. No one works with photoshop as him!


When he’s not at the office he’s out playing with guns and ammo together with the Swedish marine force.

Valerie Wigardt


PR Manager

Valerie’s been with Urbanista since 2015. In charge of social media and all PR activities.


Driving traffic through press contacts such as bloggers, influencers and ambassadors. Prior to her work at Urbanista she lived in Rio for 4 years where she worked for Absolut Vodka.


When she’s not at the office she’s probably doing yoga in some fancy vacay spot

Ebba Klingspor


Key Account Manager

Ebba is the latest recruit to Urbanista. She is a genuine entrepreneur that can sell sand in Sahara.

She started the company Happy Branding in 2010 and five years later the company produces prints for many large companies in Sweden.

No one digs to the beats of minimal house as her. The disco queen of  Urbanista.